Tina & Stefan – Lienz

I met Tina and Stefan on our wedding preparation course in the church. Once we sat down in a circle I saw them sitting opposite of us and I immediately whispered into my wife’s ear, I want to shoot the wedding of these guys badly. Once they told us about their crazy location in a railway station, I couldn’t hold myself and told them: “please book me!” Fortunately they liked my style and the deal was quickly set.

Lienz is a small picturesque city in the southeast Austria, surrounded by mountains, heavy forest and turquoise water in the rivers (I did not change it in the post-process, I promise). When seeing the church on the hill with high mountains in the background, I thought to myself it must be a fairy tale.

From the very moment I felt that we are surfing on the same wave with Tina & Stefan. The decoration, location, friendliness during the preparation. Their love was felt throughout the day. Sometimes they reminded me of children, holding their hands, so pure and lovely. It was really a pleasure to be at such a beautiful wedding.

Big thanks also to my co-photographer, chauffer, stunt-man, base jumper, … Edi Franz, who also shot a couple of amazing pictures below.

Kleid: Pronovias, Anzug: Stoffwerk, Haare: KMHaar ; Kurt Mosch Haare, Make up: Marion Galler, Church: St. Ulrich, Catering: Hannes Unterweger, Florist: Bunte Oase, Musik: Simple Live, Cakes: Eva Ebner und Karin Brandstätter (Privat), Pappeterie: Wald und Schwert, Decoration: Bride and Familiy, Wine: Kummer und Mayerhofer

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