Yesterday I photographed a very special wedding Рa diamond wedding. Elly and Herbert are together for 60 years now, a big applause here please! Despite some healthy problems they are still able to live by them own in their  retirement apartment. It was one of the most moving shootings I have experienced by now. Wish you both many years to come and hope to see you at your next anniversary

Familienfotograf Wien_0042.jpg
Familienfotograf Wien_0043.jpg
Familienfotograf Wien_0044.jpg
Familienfotograf Wien_0045.jpg
Familienfotograf Wien_0047.jpg
Familienfotograf Wien_0046.jpg
Familienfotograf Wien_0048.jpg
Familienfotograf Wien_0049.jpg
Familienfotograf Wien_0050.jpg

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