Wedding rings, wedding photos and of course plenty of wonderful memories are three things that remain after the wedding day is over. To be booked as wedding photographer is on one side a great honour, on the other side it is also a big responsibility. If you are considering me as your wedding photographer here are some questions and answers that might help you make your decision. I am more then happy to answer all your other questions over the phone, email or a personal meeting here in Vienna.

How would you describe your style?
I would say it is a blend of photojournalism and portrait photography. My main focus is on people and their emotions. On your wedding day, while you are getting ready and during the ceremony I try to stay out of your way and be like a so-called “fly on the wall”.  When shooting your portraits, I will look for the right composition and lighting, inspire you with ideas, and then ask you to forget about me and just enjoy your time together. This way the pictures look natural and fun.  During the reception I actively join the crowd and leverage from my experience of shooting concerts in difficult lighting conditions.

In general I try to interact with the guests throughout the day. I do not want to be that strange guy in the corner with the big camera, sneaking around.  I believe that a wedding photographer, apart from delivering excellent pictures, should also contribute to the well-being of the couple and their guests. Come on, this guy will spend more than 12 hours with you on your very special day, so it should be fun.

What are your rates?
Depends on the place and date. Packages starting with 1000 EUR.

How many pictures do we get?
You will get all post-processed pictures (400-500 for a full day wedding) ready for print in full resolution.

How do we book?
Please send me a request with your wedding date and place. If you are interested, usually we meet for a coffee to get to know each other and discuss all your wishes in detail. Optionally, you can book a 2 hour engagement/trial shooting,

 which is included in the price of the full day coverage if you decide to book me. If not, you just pay the regular price for portrait shootings of 150 EUR. That way you can see exactly how I work and what you can expect. It also gives you more peace of mind during the wedding day itself. Once you decide to book me I will send you a contract to sign.

Do you provide any printouts?
Yes I love to see and touch the photos in paper. :-) Full day coverage includes the top 100 images printed in 13x19cm format and 10 images in 30x45cm format.

When do we get our photos?
Within 2 weeks of the wedding day. Pictures are delivered on an USB flash-drive.

Do you travel for weddings?
Absolutely. Originally I am based in Vienna, but I am more than happy to travel to any part of the world. I am also in for any off-stream ideas like e.g. the motorbiker’s wedding I did last year.

Are you doing family photography as well?
Oh yes. Generally I like to do any kind of photography with people. Families, couples, newborns (I have good practice with my son :-) ), business portraits and I am also pretty active doing event photography for corporate clients.